Welcome ye traveller to Gnome Liberation Army CAMPSITE 43.

where weary Gnomes find needed rest!

The ravages of war can be intense for the Gnome Liberation Army. While the war itself doesn't yet rage, long recon hikes can be tiring even for gnomes. For those gnomes feeling out of place the Gnome Liberation Army Campsite provides the much needed respite bedraggled gnomes seek.

Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Gnome Liberation army? Are you a member of the Red Gnome Liberation Army? Then we welcome you with all three arms open! Come, sit, eat, drink, be merry! The first round is on us. All gold coins welcome.

How goes the Gnome World Domination Summit? We heard the Red Gnome Liberation Army merged with the Blue Gnome Army. What news can you bring us of the Leage of Orange Battle Gnomes? Have you heard tidings from the yellow gnome minion?

You haven't lived until you kayak the Caverns of Malyadyana