Back from a recent Gnome Liberation Army recon hike?

view at gnome liberation army campsite 43 Hiking can be tiresome. How many miles of trekking have your weary soles suffers yon? How many fortnights of solitude have you thus endured? Did you have enough tiny rocks to chuck at small woodland creatures?

Not to worry. We've piled up a massive mount of tiny pebbles and stones for your animal tormenting pleasure. A favorite of Red Gnome Liberation Army soldiers have been the flat, blunt sandstone flingstones. Widdles by badgers in the wee hours of the morning to a crisp perfection not found on tv informations anywhere, our flingstones can kill a mouse a forty paces when flung by expert hands.

Bring your ID badge holder from the World Domination Summit of gnomes and get a complimentary flingstone carrying case!

Would you prefer a soothing kayak trip?

Gnome Liberation Army CAMPSITE 43